Longlin Mountain Trail

Confucius said: Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.

This is one of several hiking trails on Monkey Mountain, the mountain that towers 660 m over the village Nanhua.  This one is a circular route of about 12km and easy to walk except for one section that is tricky. The tricky part is also where the most beautiful views are to be had over the valleys below. Like all the trails I have hiked so far this one also has a paved surface and steps, handrails and barriers where there could be any chance of an ignorant person slipping or falling. It is well sign-posted and regularly on the route there are huge boards showing the route and your position on the route. 

The students told me this hike is also called the back of the dragon hike. That refers to the ‘fins’ on the dragon’s back. On one of the photos you can see where the name comes from. That part of the trail, I thought, was just so dangerous and I was amazed to see that the public were allowed to walk there considering how nearly paranoid the authorities are about the public’s safety in outdoor spaces. 

We had only walked between 3 and 4km when the students started complaining and we called it a day near a temple. We called the back-up teacher to fetch us there instead of waiting at our starting point.

This is the dangerous part and the part that gives the name “Dragon back trail”.


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