village life


At last, a traditional Thai massage.

Any visitor to Thailand would agree that there are about as many places offering massages as there are places to eat. And like places to eat you find the good, the bad, the wannabe’s, and the I-just-want-your-money-and-for-you-to-vacate-this-space-asap. My first visit to the Sunday market nearly had me running to the airport and as I had some hours to wait for my pick-up back to the hotel I decided to have a foot massage at a place on the sidewalk. The woman was staring out the window watching passersby and all her co-workers moving about the whole time she was working on my feet; she spent 4 minutes on one foot and 26 minutes rubbing my calves. I could do a better job and I don’t claim to be trained in the skill.

Cycling around a Thai village

Look at the wrist watch and the tablet. Tradition keeping up with the times. The local gym, open on 3 sides to save on a/c, open 24 hours a day everyday of the year. This is a very creative bench on the side of the road. A resting place to wait for the taxi or

A Week of Books and Butterflies

Confucius said: To see what is right and not to do it, is want of courage, or of principle.

The past week has been filled with beautiful things.

In Taiwan, this time of year, the days are magic. It is still hot but without the humidity. So I have a lot more energy and cannot say no when I’m invited on a trip to a rural area I have never been to before. After a 10km scooter ride we took the local bus from Koahsuing into the mountains and to the village of Maolin. All year round there are places to see the butterflies: spring and summer in the Meinong area to see the lemon-yellow butterflies. In winter Maolin area when the purple butterflies gather here. So many people travel to this area in the winter months to see the purple butterflies that the local government schedules extra busses on this route for a few weeks.

Taiwan -The Start

Getting to Taiwan and settling in.

Confucius Said: Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart.

2018 and a whole new adventure. I am going to live and work in Taiwan for the year.


I have signed the contract, taken three flights and I’m in Taiwan. The agency that recruited me is Teach Taiwan. http://www.teachtaiwan.com.tw. I landed in Taipei and was met by a taxi driver, who speaks no English, for the four hour drive to my new home in Nan Hua, a district of Tainan City in the south-west of Taiwan. I choose this option because its my first visit to Taiwan and I wanted to avoid the hassle of finding my way around on public transport with a 20kg bag holding me back. I will be teaching at three schools but one school will be managing me and its in their dorm that I will live.