A Week in Tunisia – Day 8

Day 8  So long, till we meet again, Tunisia.

Tunisian Proverb: They ate our food and forgot our names. 

I hope this proverb will not be true of my party.  We really had a great time and we realised a week is not enough. We did not see the national parks, we did not do any bird watching, we did not do an art class. There is a huge piece of the country we did not see on this trip. Then there are the beaches in the summer… So many reasons to return.

A Week in Tunisia – Day 7

Day 7  Sand, hot water springs and back to Tunis

Tunisian Proverb: Hit him with a bean, he will break

I was up again in the dark and set off the see the sunrise in the Sahara desert. It was cold and very quiet. Then I saw our driver was up too and was busy making a fire outside of our camp area.  I went over to see what he was doing and found our breakfast in the making. He had made a fire and buried some dough in the sand, covered it with hot coals. After a while he poked around in the sand with a stick, found the bread ready and pulled it out from the sand. He used a piece of muslin and wiped all traces of ash and sand from the bread and broke a piece off for me. Oh how special was that.

A Week in Tunisia – Day 2


Tunisian Proverb: If someone hits you with a stone, hit him with bread; your bread will return to you and his stone will return to him

Day 2 promises to be a highlight. We are visiting the Bardo Museum.

A Week in Tunisia – Day 1

DAY 1          TUNIS

Tunisian Proverb:  He ate one fig and he thought autumn had come.

On this day I had breakfast while looking down on The Nile!! My party of three arrived in Tunis just after sunrise. Everything went smoothly and efficiently at immigrations, baggage claim and customs. We were met by Austen Hand and our guide for the week.

We normally do all our travel arrangements and actual travelling ourselves using public transport but the amount of ground we wanted to cover in a short week in Tunisia made that impractical. So we employed Engaging Cultures Travel  and Austen Hand to help us out. They did a sterling job. We did not regret our decision for a moment.