An oops moment on a racing bicycle

Confucius said: The man who says he can, and the man who says he can not… Are both correct. I’m a long-lived woman and walking fit. I can cover 20km per day without much effort. This made my fellow-teachers at Yusan school think I can do anything physical and they entered me into a 60km cycling race and gave me seven weeks to train. I like a physical challenge so I did not put up a too big fight. What they don’t know is that in my entire life I have probably only cycled about 1 km, total, ever. I know nothing about bicycles. None of my three ‘partners in crime’ live near me so all the training I’m going to do is on my own. But no surprises here: as the word spread about my latest crazy adventure, so the support grew. The P E teacher at Nanhua school…