Wow wow wow!!! What an inspirational book. The Khmer have a saying that women can’t dive deep or go far and the title of this book says that the women of Cambodia are diving deep and are going far. The book is fictional but based on the real life experiences of several Cambodian women. I think women from a developing country will tell you these stories feel so real, they have been lived by many women all over the world. These stories are of courage, determination, of fearing something but doing it anyway, they are also of hope.

I read this book in one sitting…. all of it, right to the acknowledgement page (which I usually skip).

My only problem is why was this book written by a Dutch Guy? He did a very very good job – make no mistake, but I was a bit disappointed when I discovered, in the acknowledgements, that it was written by a man. The author, Menno de Block, is a young man from the Netherlands working with NGO’s in Cambodia. In his dealing with various groups he became spellbound by the dedication and commitment he saw in the young women of Cambodia.

I’m so inspired by this book I want to pack my bags and return to Cambodia to cheer on the women that are changing their own culture and country.

This book is not just about and for Cambodian women. This book will inspire any women who feels stuck in a rut; or who wonders should I / could I take this risk; what will the people say if I do ….

Girls, go read this book, let it inspire you to soar.

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