Becoming a FET or NEST

Are you ready to do what I do – travelling the world but earning a salary as an English teacher as I go along? FET? NEST? Yes, that is the jargon here in Taiwan. FET: Foreign English Teacher or NEST: Native English Speaking Teacher. Here are some tips. Get accredited: If you already are a qualified / licensed teacher and you have not worked as a teacher in your home country for a long time the first thing to do is register with the national teaching authority. This is a document that says you have the qualifications. While you are dealing with bureaucracy get a Police Clearance Certificate / Criminal Background Check done too. You will be working with vulnerable children and in many countries they will not issue a work permit if you can not supply this document. 2. Get qualified: Whether you are a qualified teacher or not…

Tunisian Recipes

What did surprised me was the spiciness of many dishes. I was expecting lots of seafood, tomatoes and olive oil style food with some familiar dishes and ingredients from the Middle East, but the spininess was unexpected.