Day 7  Sand, hot water springs and back to Tunis

Tunisian Proverb: Hit him with a bean, he will break

I was up again in the dark and set off the see the sunrise in the Sahara desert. It was cold and very quiet. Then I saw our driver was up too and was busy making a fire outside of our camp area.  I went over to see what he was doing and found our breakfast in the making. He had made a fire and buried some dough in the sand, covered it with hot coals. After a while he poked around in the sand with a stick, found the bread ready and pulled it out from the sand. He used a piece of muslin and wiped all traces of ash and sand from the bread and broke a piece off for me. Oh how special was that.  


A selfie at sunrise.

After breakfast we packed up and headed back to Douz, where our Tunis driver and guide was waiting for us. 

Today we would only have one stop and it will be at El Hammah to enjoy some time in a hot water spring.  Then we head back to Tunis. For the most part of this trip we were traveling with a thunder storm and pouring rain into Tunis. 

A private bath at the hot water spring.

We arrive in Tunis late afternoon for a last night in Tunis and to do magic (trying to fit all the shopping into the suitcase I arrived with).

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