Confucius said: Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

Imagine seeing an ad “a qualified pharmacist who is also an experienced barista wanted…” or “qualified barista who is also an experienced pharmacist wanted..”  Then image this person turning up for the job interview, his GPS says this is the right address but when he opens the door to the pharmacy he thinks he has just walked into an art gallery. 

A three-in-one is what you get when you go to Molecure opposite the National Theatre in Taichung. The owner is a pharmacist who loves art and coffee and he combined them into a very unique setting. 

Primarily it is a pharmacy where people come to get their medication and ask health related questions. This pharmacy also specialises in organic and natural products be it supplements, body care products or coffee. It comes complete with the sales assistants standing in front of mirrors doing their make-up using the testers. The back where the pharmacist keeps the scheduled medication has a sign saying ‘Drug Bar’. 

I will let the photos tell the detail about the walls and shelves. The space has two floors and a spiral staircase takes you to the art displays upstairs. On my visit the theme was coffee  and I was told the next one to go up in a few weeks has flowers as the theme. 

The staircase divided the ground floor level of the pharmacy into two sections. There is the impressive entrance and them on the other side of the staircase is the ‘drug bar’, the tills and the coffee station. Here are some wooden bar stools where you can sit and enjoy a break. From the coffee menu you can choose between Ethiopian or coffee from various South American countries. If you are having it hot like me, you can watch the pharmacist ground the beans and make your coffee there in front of you and it is served in a stylish white mug. If, like my friends, you prefer your coffee cold, you can choose from the bottles on the counter and you are given a real laboratory beaker to drink from. 



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