Douliu Cat Street

Confucius said: Man differs from the animal only a little; most men throw that little away

Taking a road trip in Taiwan on a lazy day is like opening a lucky packet or an unexpected gift. It offers lovely surprises that lead to memorable afternoons.

The past weekend I took a trip to Douliu. There is a street in a neighbourhood and about 100m of this street will leave you jaw-dropped. Here you will find the most amazing 3D Land Art with cats as the theme.  My Mandarin and Taiwanese is virtually non existent so I can not answer any of the W’s (who, when, why) because I could not ask the questions, and internet research has not been helpful at all. 

So what I can tell is the art work was created by professional and amateur artists. The paintings are on the walls of houses and other buildings and on a side street there is an open space that was converted into Kitty School. Here are paintings on the walls but also “sculptures”. It is a very popular destination with many Taiwanese visiting the street. An interesting observation is that none of the locals seem to cash in on the foot traffic through their neighbourhood. Even on a hot August day the owner of an ice cream stall did not bother to open up for business. 

My personal favourite. There is no bench there. Its painted.

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