DAY 3   Testour and Dougga

Tunisian Proverb: He who spends a night with a chicken will cackle in the morning.

While all the locals in Tunis are scrambling to get to work we head out of the city, inland towards Testour and Dougga.

Buildings and traffic diminish and olive groves, vineyards and wheat fields start to surround us. It is lush and green as far as the eye can see. This area reminds me of a region in the Western Cape of South Africa called The Swartland.


We arrive in Testour at the Rue De La Grande Mosque for a surprise. The guide tells us to take a good look at the clock. We see the Andalusian Clock and it runs anti-clockwise. It is very old and the local community recently went to a lot of trouble and costs to have it restored and its working, like…. well, clockwork. We stretch our leg with a walk through the village. When we pass a sidewalk stall we see loaves of bread coming out of an oven. We buy a few and some stuff to put on the bread and head back to the car. While the driver takes us to Dougga we enjoy our impromptu picnic to the last crumb.

Testour 8
Sometimes a scene like this reminds a tourist that life goes on while you are in your happy bubble. Here is a family burying their child on this day. I thought it fitting that it rained all day.

Dougga is not just another heap of old stones. This is the best preserved Roman small town in North Africa and it covers and area of 65 Hectare. Its lies against a slope and the views over the surrounding area from here are beautiful.

The guide book says this is a small town and I start exploring it as such and I start wondering who walked / worked / lived here centuries ago. I just let my imagination run free and I actually spend many hours having a good time. When we arrived we noticed the temperature had dropped to to 6 o C and during our time here it was drizzling on and off. By the time we were ready to call it a day we were all frozen and wet.

Our guide took us to a nearby hotel where we sat near a cosy fire place and enjoyed soup and freshly baked bread. Then we headed back to Tunis, taking a different route but equally scenic as the morning drive.

That evening we explore another part of Tunis and enjoy a couscous meals for supper. Then its back to the hotel to pack as we will be moving on tomorrow.


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