Tunisian Proverb: If someone hits you with a stone, hit him with bread; your bread will return to you and his stone will return to him

Day 2 promises to be a highlight. We are visiting the Bardo Museum.

This museum is one of the most important museums in the Mediterranean region as well as on the African continent. It has on display collections that do not have an equivalent, it is also the finest and largest collections of Roman mosaics in the world.

Although we had ample time to spend here, it still was not enough. One needs to spend a few days here to appreciate everything, and that comes from a person who makes no secret of the fact that I hate history. The museum is huge and every display begs for one to stay longer. My words can never do justice to what I saw and experienced here.

I will just show you some of my photos and I hope it inspires you to consider a trip to Tunisia.

Late afternoon we tear ourselves away and head to the Medina in Tunis. What fun we had with the carpet sellers. They can be a pain to tourists but they can also provide loads of entertainment.

We ended the second day of our trip at one of the best, if not the best restaurants in Tunis, The Dar El Jeld. Its set in an authentic Tunisian house in the middle of the Medina. We walked from our hotel so it was fun exploring all the little streets and alleys. Then, there it was in front of us. We rang a bell and the door was opened by a friendly staff member dressed in traditional clothes. We were lead through the courtyard with its beautiful mosaics and tiles to our table on the balcony on the first floor. In the background a man was playing a Qanun, traditional Tunisian instrument. Soothing music, a beautiful setting, staff that could not be friendlier and the most delicious Tunisian food, it all makes for another highlight.

In case you ask, yes, its expensive but on every trip we have to treat ourselves to something special.


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