Never trust a nun with with a date

Confucius said: Think of tomorrow, the past can’t be mended.

You will often hear me talk about the caring and friendly attitude of the Taiwanese. That is how my friendship with a nun started. She heard me battling to order a latte in a coffeeshop and stepped in to help as she speaks English fluently. 

I mentioned to her that I was planning on going to Tainan to watch the Dragon Boat Races and she kindly offered to take me there. We set a date and time and in my mind, its settled, I do no further research as I’m now in the hands of a local who will (should) know everything. 

On our arrival at the river in Anping we do not see the masses as I was expecting. We start walking towards a bridge crossing the river and meet up with two young men. The nun asks about the start of the races and we discover its only in the afternoon, several hours away. We decide to go to the little streets where all the Taiwanese food stalls and restaurants are. The two very handsome lads are on their way there too so we walk together and the nun chats and translates for me. It turns out these two guys are two of the participants in the races. The lads share lots of stories and info with me through the nun. 

Then the clouds just burst open and we run for shelter into the fish market. While we wait for the rain to pass the nun and the lads are becoming friends on LINE (more about that later) and they are scanning QR-codes and the conversation is way over my head. So I decide to venture over to a stall and take some photos of the displays there. BIG MISTAKE! HUGE MISTAKE!!

The moment I turn my back the nun dismisses the young men and then very as a matter of fact tells me they invited us to have an early lunch with them. They were heading to some restaurant serving ‘wholesome steak’. She told them it was way to early for lunch and sent them on their way. 

I closed my mouth manually and did my best to hide my disappointment. Yes, I know they are at least 20 years younger than me (ok 30), but what if they were in the winning team? We could have gone to the prize-giving event, and the after party, and maybe we could have sat with the WAGS under cover to watch the races as it never stopped raining that afternoon. 

Oh well, no use crying over a lost date. We headed down the street and started restaurant crawling because what else can you do in the pouring rain. Later we ventured back to the river to watch the races. Me, all excited like a child running up and down along the river to see everything, and the nun sitting on a bench some distance away playing on her mobile phone because she is bored. 



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